“Why do 80% of new products and services fail to meet their market objectives?” is an interesting question, but “Why do our products and services fail to meet their objectives?” is a much more important one. To solve such problems, many organizations try to implement a common set of outsider-defined “best practice” tools and methodologies, or else try to increase their rate of innovation. Both may sound very logical, but unless we know the real root causes of our problems, we cannot begin to know which solutions might work versus those that will create resistance, overburden our organization, and actually deteriorate our current state.

Product and Service Development is not a simple process relegated to R&D or the Engineering Department. Rather it is a complex, enterprise-wide system of interconnected processes that lead to the creation of useful knowledge and production value streams:
We guide our clients to uncover and solve their own organization-specific knowledge creation problems through:
When implemented properly, a learning and problem solving organization will achieve significantly faster time to market, better targeted products and services, higher quality and easier to manufacture products, reduced investment and risk, and greater overall organizational success – typically with 30 - 50% fewer resources. Please contact Strategy Science to discuss the Product Development challenges you face, and how a different approach to solving them could lead to superior results.
• Establishing more adaptive learning and problem solving cultures
• Alignment of Product Development with organizational strategies
• Product Development process / value stream analysis and improvement
• Structured, problem-focused innovation
• Better linkages between R&D, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Service, and Supply Chain
• Lean, knowledge-based project management
• Simultaneous development of products, services, processes, and production value streams
& Culture