What exactly are the outputs of Sales & Marketing processes? Definitive strategies? New customers? Actual sales? Since none of these are givens (no matter how good the processes are), Sales & Marketing can only produce useful knowledge and influence throughout a very complex network:
Rarely do organizational improvement initiatives start in Sales & Marketing, and that is too bad. Sales & Marketing is ideally positioned to not only identify some of the most pressing problems a business faces, but to also lead the cross-functional solutions. Please contact Strategy Science to discuss the Sales & Marketing challenges you face, and how a different approach to solving them could lead to superior results.
At Strategy Science, we help organizations identify and solve their own specific problems at all points within this complex network. And since business (or even Sales & Marketing) problems are rarely contained just within Sales & Marketing, we work at all levels and across all organizational functions to not only uncover and solve problems, but to teach better problem solving techniques through hands-on application including:
Sales &
• Sales & Marketing alignment with corporate strategies
• Evaluation of customer perceived value
• Problem / gap definition and solving
• Process analysis and improvement
• Process standardization
• Customer influence analysis
• Feedback and improvement loop assessment
• Experiments to test market hypotheses