The Fluff Cycle (And How To End It By Solving Real Sales & Marketing Problems) was recently published by our president, Brent Wahba. It focuses on helping organizations achieve better overall business results by identifying and solving their own specific Sales & Marketing problems. For more information or to purchase:

Recent Workshops:
• Sales & Marketing Problem Solving, Integration & Corporate Alignment
• Value Based Strategic Alternatives Selection
• Value Propositions
• Business Process Value Stream Mapping
• Policy Deployment / Hoshin Kanri
• Strategic Planning, Implementation & Organizational Alignment
• Lean Product Development
• Agile Development
• Integrated Product & Process Development
• Product Development Value Stream Mapping
• Voice of the Customer
• Lean in Sales & Marketing
• Organizational Learning & Knowledge Management
• Creating Pull in Project Management
• Lean Quality Planning & Implementation
• Supplier Selection / Lean Supplier Development