• Strategy Science Inc. is a global organizational strategy, efficiency & effectiveness improvement network. We specialize in the interrelated areas of Adaptive Strategic Planning & Execution, Product Development Process & Culture Change, and Sales & Marketing Problem Solving.

• We are focused on helping you identify and solve specific problems within your unique culture, processes, capabilities, and tools. Our work is custom-tailored to your specific needs, and we never try to force our own set of favorite “solutions” onto your already overburdened organization.

• Our objective is to teach you to become self-sufficient in learning, problem solving, and adaptation as efficiently and effectively (and quickly) as possible. Our clients often think of us as the “Anti-Consultants” because we work to free them from believing they need ongoing conventional consulting.

• We work in almost every type of industry including: Banking and Investment, IT, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Architecture & Construction, Power Generation, Materials, Production Equipment & Manufacturing, Furniture & Office Systems, Transportation, Legal, Government, and Agriculture.

• Our expertise includes Lean, Systems Thinking, Sigma, Culture Change, and Technology, yet we coach in a methodology-agnostic manner. This aids in uncovering the best overall solutions while avoiding the dogma and fluff that lead many organizations to cynicism and change resistance.

• Each of our members has at least 20 years experience in their areas of concentration.

• Our most successful clients are those that are truly committed to rapid change, but are also willing to experiment to find the best solutions to complex problems.

• To learn more, please contact us at contact@strategyscienceinc.com or (585) 315-7051.
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